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Prepare your body, mind, and spirit for new life.

Coaching for Conscious Conception

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Are you ready?

Do you long to be a parent? Do you question whether you’ll be a good one? Do you wish for a parenting partner you don’t have yet? Do you wonder if you even want children? 

Each of us comes to the questions of parenting with our own colorful histories and wounds. If you jump into pregnancy and childbirth without doing the deep work of healing and preparing, you can miss out on one of the most transformative opportunities in each of our lives. 

Conscious Conception Coaching is the missing piece in the pregnancy and childbirth journey. 

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Conscious Conception Coach and Educator

I have over 25 years of experience as a parent, and over 20 years supporting families from pregnancy through early parenting as a:

  • Certified Birth Doula

  • Certified Postpartum Doula

  • Certified Childbirth Educator

  • Certified Lactation Educator

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level 2

  • Certified Childbirth Hypnotherapist

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What is Conscious Conception Coaching?

Before planting a garden, you prepare the soil to grow the richest, healthiest fruit. In childbirth, we often bypass this crucial stage, preparing only after conception.

Conscious Conception Coaching guides you in becoming more present, engaged, and fulfilled in your own life in order to nurture and grow a new one.

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Pregnant woman in nature

Become the person you want to be so you can become the parent you want to be.

Through guidance, mindfulness, embodiment practices, and journal prompts, along with information about nutrition, well-being, other resources, and a spark of magic mixed with the practical, you will feel more connected and filled with joy that spills into the new life you are inviting into yours.

Coaching sessions can help you: 

  • Nurture the most fertile environment for new life

  • Gain clarity on belief systems about childbirth

  • Create new stories through journaling, embodiment, and self-care practices

  • Deepen your work with assignments for self-discovery

  • Tap into your intuition

  • Set intentions

  • Set boundaries

  • Create a plan for continuing the journey

  • Prepare yourself for being the best parent you can be

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Gay Family

For anyone who desires to be a parent

Imagine if you could create, celebrate, and birth your own desires into being as you prepare to bring a new life into the world. 

Whether you’re preparing for a first pregnancy or a third, whether you’re pursuing adoption or surrogacy, or whether you’re on a fertility journey of any sort, I can help lay the foundation for a more informed, healthy and awakened experience. 

All sexual orientations, gender identities, and parenting arrangements welcome. 

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Coaching Options


Exploration Call

Book a 30-minute call with me to find out more about Conscious Conception Coaching and how it can help you prepare for a more joyful, present, and fully embodied experience.


Single Session

Begin exploring your beliefs and stories around pregnancy and childbirth. Leave with a few tools and practices for moving forward. Great if you want to see how Conscious Conception Coaching can serve you. 90 minutes.


6 month package

In 12 90-minute sessions, over the course of six months, we will go from excavating your belief systems around pregnancy and childbirth to creating a vision and plan to optimize yourself for welcoming a new life. Couples welcome.

Sliding Scale

By agreement and individual need

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are wanting to purchase sessions and would like to discuss payment options.


How can we support each other?

Let's have a discussion.

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From my current and past work, all related to Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

"The work that Susan does with her clients needs to become the new standard in preconception education and care. I love that Susan takes a spiritual, emotional, and physical approach to her teaching and support. She meets you where you currently are and provides the tools you need to help you get to where you wish to be. There is no judgment. Only care, love, and understanding. It is such a comfort to know I have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Susan in my corner. If you're looking for some support and guidance on your pre or post-conception journey, I highly recommend working with Susan!"

Carolina P.

"I profoundly enjoyed a workshop Susan offered recently on celebrating our desires and moving through our  trauma using dance and art. 
As we were dancing i dropped into my heart center more and more. I started crying.
At that exact moment two of my kids started arguing right outside my office door.
I opened the door and hugged them.
Then they hugged each other, without words.
I returned to my office with one of the kids so he could hang out with me for the rest of the workshop. He chilled on my couch and played.
Then we moved onto the art portion of the workshop and I was surprised with what intuitively came through. I’ve never actually painted a Yoni shape before. However, I was able to allow my body, instead of my mind to lead, and that's what came through.  For me, the energy Susan brings, facilitates this kind of experience, and I truly had fun with it!
Susan’s medicine is potent!!!! I would highly recommend any of her coaching support or workshops! I can’t wait to see what she offers next!!!!!"

Crystal L.

"I attended the workshop with Susan on Saturday and I am still swimming in the wonderful energies of the class. Susan used music, movement and guiding words to lead us into a place of receptivity. I found all my senses and centers activated that cultivated a closer connection with myself and with the other participants. All our parts (light and shadow) were invited to be fully present and held in such a way that it was easy to observe “what was” without getting stuck. As a further bonus; I loved having the opportunity to funnel all that activated energy into a piece of artwork, which is now displayed on my altar. Susan’s workshops create a container that are safe, fun, creative and always in full alignment with the sacredness of life."

Kanoa M.

Susan was an awesome doula! She provided a lot of support to myself and husband during a difficult home birth. I wish I had known about her for my first child. She is kind, intuitive, and has many tools in her toolbox. We highly recommend her.

Jeannie L.

I was on a mission to find a doula, someone who had been through something similar who would be there with me, understand me, and have my back. That woman ended up to be Susan. She ended up supporting me with 2 of my children's births. Susan is amazing. She has a wonderfully calm presence, and always seemed to know what to do or say.  She became a friend and has doula'd me through more than just my births. She has mentored, listened to, supported and encouraged me to go for what I desire and shine my light. Susan is magic. She's a beautiful calm powerhouse of not only information but holding a presence and guiding you with her amazing wisdom.

Tricia S.

 I have known Susan for 14 years now. We worked together as doula's and I consider Susan a very close dear friend to me. When working with Susan, she is dependable, conscientous, dedicated to her work and those she works with...honest, loving, warm, energetic, enthusiastic, resourceful and creative. You know the kind of person she is by the way she speaks and cares for the people in her life whether colleague, friend or family, which is why I enjoy spending my time with her; hiking, having coffee, painting her living space and just a kind ear to talk with. Susan is a wonderful human being and I wish there were more people like her on this planet.

Cindy C.

Susan was our postpartum night care doula for my daughter for the first two weeks after she was born. She has such a calming demeanor and it was a pleasure to leave my newborn in her care. I could sleep easy knowing that Susan was on the job! She always arrived a bit early and stayed a bit late, and she would answer all of our random baby questions. I would definitely hire her again!

Laura S.

I would highly recommend working with Susan Cortez. When I was looking for a doula for my first birth, she was the first one I interviewed and I felt such a warmth and kindness from her, I hired her on the spot. Susan was always available to meet or speak with me when I had questions or needed help with pregnancy issues. She met with my husband and I on numerous occasions during my pregnancy to help prepare us for the birth and to create a  birth plan that clearly expressed our desires. I was very pleased with Susan's knowledge of pregnancy and the birthing process. She provided me with a lot of information and resources.

Because Susan took the time to get to know me during the pregnancy, she was able to address what would work best for me personally. Susan is well experienced in many comfort techniques. She provided massage and breathing support throughout 20 hours of labor.  At the hospital I really appreciated how she took charge to make sure the hospital staff got me into a delivery room quickly and followed my birth plan. 

Janelle C.

Daniel, Ellie and I would like to say thank you for being such a great support during this special time. We loved your classes and your helpful knowledge. Thank you for being there.

Daniel, Lori, and Ellie

Susan, We are so grateful to have had your wisdom, knowledge, and peaceful presence as a most critical part of this amazing process. It is hard to imagine the labor and delivery without you. It would have been a much less rewarding and calm day! Thank you! And please use our names when people want references.

Rachel and Daniel

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“Birth your best self first." 

Susan Cortez, Conscious Conception Coach

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